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Schedule for The 4th Shaolin Cultural Festival (2015·San Francisco)

1.Name: The 4th Shaolin Cultural Festival(San Francisco)

2.Sponsor: Shaolin Temple of China, World Shaolin Association( in preparation)

3.Organizer: United Studios of Self Defense, The North American Shaolin Federation

4.Date: Oct 7,2015 to Oct 12,2015

5.Location: 1)THE REGENCY CENTER, 1290 Sutter Street San Francesco,CA 94109, United States of America 2)Stanford University

6.Activities: 1)Shaolin Kungfu Test Tournament 2)Annual meeting of The North American Shaolin Federation 3)Shaolin Kungfu Show 4)Exhibitions of Chan Buddhism(tea ceremony、incense ceremony、calligraphy、painting、photography) 5)Culture Forum 6)Shaolin Kungfu Seminar

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