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Invitation to The 4th Shaolin Cultural Festival 2015·San Francisco

INVITATION The 4th Shaolin Cultural Festival is scheduled to take place in San Francisco,USA from Oct 8,2015 till Oct 11,2015. The Festival is co-sponsored by Shaolin Temple of China and The World Shaolin Association( in preparation) and will be co-hosted by United Studios of Self Defense and The North American Shaolin Federation.

The Festival events includes World Peace Blessing Prayer,Shaolin Kungfu Test Tournament and Lecture on Chan Cultivation,Kungfu and Buddhism Medicine as well as Religious Dialogue.Thousands of Shaolin fans and teams on Chan Buddhism and Kungfu from North America and World will gather in San Francisco to participate the great event to celebrate their own Festival.

The Continental Shaolin Association is a non-profit organization spontaneously established by the Shaolin Culture Fans. The 1st European Shaolin Cultural Festival was held in September 2012 in Berlin and Vienna. The 1st Northern American Shaolin Cultural Festival was held in October 2013 in Harvard University, UN Headquarter, LA Convention Center of USA and the 3rd European Shaolin Cultural Festival was inaugurated in October in London and Oxford University.The Festivals has been widely welcome and highly evaluated by people of all walks of life.

With the smooth preparatory founding of The World Shaolin Association which is organized and sponsored by Shaolin Temple of China and some 40 countries and cites of 5 continents,the 4th Shaolin Culture Festival attempt to be open for all the Shaolin fans of all the countries of the world.We wish that the world Shaolin Association and Shaolin Cultural Festival will become the spiritual home and platform of communication and exchange for all the Shaolin culture organizations and Shaolin disciples to promote Shaolin Culture inheritance and benefit the human beings.

As the origin of Chan Buddhism, Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin Temple of China are well known for its 1500 years legend.Shaolin Temple and Chan Buddhism is a fruit of human civilization emerged in the Sino-Foreign Cultural exchange. It plays a very important role in the history of Chinese Culture and Religion. Its influence spread not only in the Asia but also in Europe and America. Shaolin Kungfu represents the perfect integration of unique perception of wisdom of Chan Buddhism on Human life and the cream of Chinese Kungfu technique. It reflects the supreme spiritual realm and culture value of the combination of Kungfu and Chan and Heaven and Human. Shaolin Cultural Festival aims to open the door for sharing the wisdom of Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Kungfu inheritance to realize the world peace and human health and happiness.

Your timely presence and visionary support and instruction on the festival will be greatly appreciated.

Buddha Bliss All. Abbot of Shaolin Temple, China Mar 15, 2015

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