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Dear friends,

We are in urgent need of your help and generous support! The North American Shaolin Kung Fu Examination Competition is poised to become a remarkable martial arts event, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to cultural heritage and physical well-being. We aspire to continue successfully hosting this event, but we need your support to make it happen.

The North American Shaolin Kung Fu Examination Competition is a grand gathering of Kung Fu enthusiasts and performers from different regions. It not only provides participants with a platform to showcase their skills but also contributes to the dissemination of the core values and cultural essence of Shaolin Kung Fu. We firmly believe that through such exchanges, we can deepen people's understanding of health, resilience, and spiritual strength.

However, to successfully organize this event, we urgently require your support. Your donations will be directly used for the organization and operational expenses of the event, including venue rental, prizes and equipment procurement, security, and insurance. Regardless of the amount of your donation, it will have a profound impact on the success of the event.

If you are willing to support the North American Shaolin Kung Fu Examination Competition, we will be sincerely grateful, no matter the size of your contribution. Your support will help us continue to preserve and promote the culture of Shaolin Kung Fu, promote a healthy lifestyle, and shape the North American Shaolin Kung Fu Examination Competition into an unforgettable celebration. We hope you can join us in our efforts to create a better world for Shaolin Kung Fu.

Thank you once again for your generous support!

Warm regards,

Support Shaolin Temple Event 
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